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So what exactly is Garage Golf? Garage Golf is THE golf destination for the everyday golfer. If you're like us then you understand that a pro golfer doing a review on a golf club or product doesn't necessarily translate well to what that product will do for you as an average golfer. Here at Garage Golf we have a golfer for every swing type and we look to cater to your needs. At Garage Golf, we provide golf product reviews, golf simulator reviews as well as provide information on pretty much anything golf related, so if you are new to our website please consider subscribing.


We also search the web for the best prices on any and all golf related products and help our viewers find the best deals out there. If you are looking for a golf simulator item or golf product, please make sure to message or email us so we can be of assistance. We don't sell anything directly, all we do is help you find the best possible prices for any items you may be looking for. What makes us better than the next person to give you this input? Well in a short answer...Nothing! That's just it! We worked long and hard to put together a site and testing environment that will allow us the ability to make video and product reviews as well as finding the very best possible deal for you, the every day golfer. Hence our slogan, "Garage Golf, Extraordinary Golf Info Fore the Extra-ORDINARY Golfer!


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